by Karen Brittan

This came through in one of my list emails, and I thought.... ya, right.... I'll believe THAT one when I see it...

The very next morning as I was getting ready to feed dogs and let them outside for the first time, I discovered a fairly engorged wood tick on the back of one dog's neck. I was reaching for my nearby tweezers when I thought..... why not? So into the laundry tub I plopped my not-so-happy victim, who seriously thought, I am sure, that he was about to get a bath, instead of getting his breakfast.

The directions said to rub liquid soap all over the tick about 15 times or so and it would disengage, so I squirted a glop of our liquid hand soap (we use white Soft Soap) over the tick and started giving the little B*$!@&# hopefully its final massage. I stopped and flicked at that ugly critter with my finger a few times, started tapping my foot, and then thought that maybe I should be timing this fiasco as I began to mentally write my email response that SOMEONE was *so* full of bulltweed and WHY do people insist on spreading crappola over the internet.... I was so pissed that I had been so gullible and wasted my time.

A bit of time passed, and, of course, it seemed like forever since my dogs were anxious to be fed and let outside, while it was seriously probably only about a minute or two at the most. But I was impatient so I threw another glop of liquid soap on that tick and once again started rubbing it all over the tick, making sure that every iota of that nasty creature was totally covered when I suddenly realized that the tick was sliding away under my finger on its bed of soap.

I am here to tell you that this *DOES* absolutely, positively work! (But maybe just needs a bit more patience than that original email implied.) And because I felt that this was such an important piece of information for dog owners, I decided to give it a webpage of its own.

Just a week ago I had pulled two ticks (one a wood tick and the other a deer tick) off of Ace, and although I am pretty good with a pair of tweezers, the head of the wood tick was left behind (haven't done THAT for quite some time!) so I had to struggle with that for several minutes to try to get the rest of it out... NOT a good thing. This soap method was SO EASY! I had the entire tick out in one fell swoop, and while it appeared to be dead, I didn't take a chance and cut it in half as I normally do. Next time I might test that out.

WHO ON EARTH EVER DISCOVERS THESE THINGS?! Whoever you are.... my sincere thanks and appreciation!


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