Our lives are truly guided by a higher power; anyone who doubts this is either fairly young or hasn't really paid much attention to the details in his own life. I entered into the world of black and silver miniature schnauzers back when solid blacks and black and silvers still had little favor in the breed ring. Blacks were sometimes excused from the ring, and even the black and silver color was barely tolerated or even recognized for the color it was by many judges at that time. That is what it was like in those early years.

My first miniature schnauzer, Hi Ya Gret, CDX, was a black and silver with extreme intelligence and that special schnauzer personality that gets most of us hooked on this wonderful breed. She was the last available black and silver in her litter that contained both black and silver and salt and pepper. I tried breeding her to her grandsire, Ch. Blythewood Grand March, a lovely little salt and pepper, who was sired by Ch. Phil-Mar Lugar out of Ch. Blythewood Merry Melody, but neither attempts resulted in any puppies. Greta was later bred successfully to a black son of Can. Ch. Winsor's Jon Martinique and Gough's Ebony Echo, Woodhaven Kennel's foundation bitch. I kept a black and silver bitch, {C}Britmor Sassafrost Teaberry, CDX, Can. CD, from this breeding, and eventually she was bred to the black and silver, Gough's Frosted Bonanza, a son of Am. Can. Ch. Sylva Sprite Snowy Mittens. The plan was to keep a black and silver bitch from this breeding, as I felt I might finally get that long-awaited show bitch that I wanted so very badly. June 12, 1978, finally arrived.

The whelping soured, and I ended up at the veterinarian's where the first puppy, a bitch, had to be pulled, but could not be resuscitated. Three more puppies followed, two boys and a girl, delivered on the floor of the veterinarian's office that warm summer day. I went home with all my hopes pinned on that remaining little girl. Are our lives guided? I guess....for that remaining little girl died the next day even after an emergency run to the vet to try and save her.

There I was, left with two surviving boys who were definitely going into someone else's home. When the time arrived to place those two boys, and people came over to take a look, I found myself putting my favorite in the bedroom and pretending there was only the one available. It really wasn't long before I realized that little guy wasn't going ANYWHERE! A boy in my house...UNTHINKABLE! But there he was, and eventually he became Am. Can. Ch. Britmor Sunnymeade Frost, Am. Can, CDX, CG.

Sunny was truly a very special dog. Not only was he lovely to look at, he was a kind and gentle dog, with great intelligence and the heart of a lion. He was afraid of nothing, and would have laid down his life to protect me, although he had such an inhibited bite that I never could figure out how he planned to do that. But he proved time and again that he would back down from nothing. Sunny could not only read my mind, he could read my soul; he always knew exactly how I felt. When I cried, he snuggled up and cried along with me; when I laughed, he saw the joke and laughed along with me. We were soul mates. Neither one of us could stand to be away from the other for any length of time. Sunny wanted nothing more than to be with me and to please me.

When I said I wanted to do obedience, he was there, doing obedience the best he knew how. I was not as smart as the dog, and it took me time to realize that I only needed to talk to the dog, not to physically correct him. He never got a High in Trial, but his high score was a 198, and we did have a few trophies on the shelves for our efforts. Sunny earned obedience class placements a couple times at shows where he also won Best of Breed that same day.

When I said I wanted to do dog shows, he was there, strutting his stuff with the big guys. He had over fifty Best of Breed wins and numerous Group placements, ALWAYS breeder/owner-handled. When he was five, he became the first black and silver to get a Best in Show. He was the #2 miniature schnauzer in Canada that year.

When I said Terrier Trials sounded interesting, he was there, ready to "kill" the rat. He qualified for his Certificate of Gameness through the American Working Terrier Association at the one and only Terrier Trial we ever entered. Sunny was the first miniature schnauzer to have titles in conformation, obedience, and field.


Although Sunny has been gone now for many years, he is still the very heart of my breeding program. I look for him in every litter that I breed, and in each and every puppy that I produce. Occasionally I do see reminders of him here and there......

If one is lucky, one is blessed with one truly great dog in his lifetime.

I miss you, Bee...

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