Novice Versatility, 1000 Point Award,

Fly Boy
Peter was #1 Miniature Schnauzer in Open Agility Standard and #1 (tied) in Excellent A Standard in 2002 (Delaney System)!!!

Peter the Show Dog Peter the Farm Dog
BRITMOR FLY BOY was a 14" uncropped salt-and-pepper. (How in the HECK did HE get in here?) Peter was my "main squeeze", my best buddy, the comforter on my bed. Peter was best known for his flying leaps straight up into the air and into our arms. Please notice the very pretty and correct natural ears.


Baby Peter 
hunting for and pouncing on grasshoppers at 12 weeks old.Peter's quarry got larger as he 
grew older!
He excelled in topline and movement, and loved nothing better than to hunt... ANYTHING! Peter killed a snake that made the gross error of slithering through the front door with me, and he helped us to get rid of the raccoons that were coming into the barn during the night to kill our chickens and ducks, eat eggs and cat food.


earthdog leg
Peter earned the first leg (out of two required) toward his Junior Earthdog title on November 7, 1999, at the Earthdog Trials sponsored by the Des Moines Obedience Training Club and finished his title in the spring of 2000. Go, PETER, Go!!!! Here, kitty, kitty....

Senior earthdog was no longer a dream as Peter earned his final leg (of three) of his Senior Earthdog title on Nov. 3, 2001. Master's? Well, who knew.... :-) Oh, YA! Peter quickly earned three legs of his Master Earthdog title!

Oops! Make that FOUR! Peter completed his Master Earthdog title on Sept. 7, 2002! This made Peter the SECOND miniature schnauzer to earn a Master Earthdog title! Way to go, Peter, you little dirt dog, you!


Come on out and FIGHT you COWARDS!Please, oh, please, oh, PULEEZE!
And what does a Master Earthdog do during a Minnesota winter to keep in training? He goes window shopping!


What else? Well......

Fly Boy

left, Peter!Peter then began his agility career with daughter Katie, hoping to follow in the pawprints of his mother, MACH Britmor Bewitched, CD JE, Triple Superior Novice, Novice Versatility, 1000 Point Award, O-NJC-v, S-TN-N, O-WV-N, TG-N, OGC-v, S-TN-O, WV-O, EAC-v, O-EJC-v, AMSC-VA, CGC. He got off to a great start as after seven days of (AKC) agility trials, Peter was ready to take on Excellent A Standard and Open Jumpers w/Weaves! He got his Excellent Standard title after eight months of showing and was finally in Excellent Jumpers. Peter loved the contact obstacles! His weave poles began improving.

Peter was #1 in Open Agility Standard in 2002 and #1 (tied) in Excellent A Standard in 2002 (Delaney System)!!!

Now THIS is 
agility!Fly Boy


Go hup!Weave, weave!


I made 
my contact!Booking 
for the finish lineAfter a long dry spell in Jumpers, Peter finished his (AKC) Excellent Jumpers with Weaves title on Nov. 29, 2002, after qualifying at three shows in a row, and on April 5, 2003, completed his Master Excellent Jumpers title! His Master Agility Excellent title was finished on June 21, 2003! Atta boy, Peter! His best weekend EVER was Aug. 20-22, 2004, when he earned a total of 71 MACH points and two Double-Qs with two 1st places, two 2nds, and two 4ths. He then had a total of 921 MACH points and fifteen Double-Qs, and qualified for the AKC Nationals for the second year in a row! Five more Double-Qs to go for his MACH!!!!

Peter then finished his (NADAC) Superior Novice Jumpers Certificate, Novice Touch N Go, Novice Gamblers Certificate, Outstanding Open Agility Certificate, Outstanding Open Jumpers Certificate, Open Weavers, Elite Agility Certificate, and Superior Elite Tunnelers titles.

Tunnelers is so 
much fun!Peter 


Hurry, Kate, 
hurry!Preparing to 
launch down the A-Frame


Peter went to Long Beach, California, to the 2003 AKC Agility National Championships! Nothing much to write about, but he had a good time and enjoyed chasing the seagulls and doing a bit of sightseeing when he had some down time.

What's with all this water? Where are the pine trees?Isn't that Lassie's house? Hang a right at the next corner.


Peter placed 3rd in 12"/8" Vet at 2004 NADAC Championships and his team was 1st place Veteran Team at 2005 NADAC Championships.

Injuries after February 2005 pretty much kept Peter at home, but he went to Fargo one weekend in March 2006 and came home with his Novice Preferred and Novice Jumpers Preferred titles.

Sadly, as we got deeper into 2006, Katie decided to retire Peter from agility as his injuries were not improving the way we had hoped, and he managed to tweak more ligaments around his stifles. That dog refused to slow down.

What ELSE was Peter up to? Well.....

On April 19, 2003, Peter once again went to play in the mud, but this time he tried his hand at herding SHEEP! How did he do? He passed the first leg of his AHBA Herding Capability Test! That was our boy....

Peter had never had an "official" day of obedience training in his life, but on May 11, 2006, he completed his Rally Novice title, the same day that his two kids Terra and Ace also finished theirs. This was definitely a family affair!

Peter then finished his Rally Advanced title, and continued into Excellent. He really enjoyed Rally-O! But then, that dog enjoyed everything he did....


Peter went to a photoshoot and found himself pictured in Target Stores selling dog beds and cute little toys!

					Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sycamore's Sojourner (BS)
					Sycamore's Sassafrass, CD (SP)
			Ch. Sercatep's Nite Flite (BS)
					Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sercatep's Midnite Elegance (BS)
					Pine Needles Sercatep Pride (BS)
		Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Stuff (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Kat Burglar (SP)
				Ch. Rampage's Waco Kid (BS)
					Rampage's Expression (SP)
			Ch. Repitition's Twist of Fate (BS)
					Ch. Jadee's Jump Up (SP)
				Ch. Repitition's Sassafras (SP)
					Jobie (SP)
	Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS) - Sire
					Ch. Irrenhaus Blueprint (SP)
				Ch. Rampage's Kat Burglar (SP)
					Ch. Repitition's Rampage Brand (SP)
			Ch. Ro-Sean's Stolen Jackpot (BS)
					Ch. Aljamar PM Lightning Bug (SP)
				Aljamar Fanny May (SP)
					Lady August (SP)	
		Domino's Katie Did (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Express Mail (SP)
				Ch. Domino's Federal Express (SP)
					Domino's Fancy Pants (SP)
			Domino's Hilde (BS)
					Ch. Ro-Sean's Stolen Jackpot (BS)
				Domino's Black Lace (B)
					Amanda Black Abbe (B)
					Ch. Sycamore's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sercatep's Sojourner (BS)
					Sycamore's Sassafrass, CD (SP)
			Ch. Sercatep's Nite Flite (BS)
					Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sercatep's Midnite Elegance (BS)
					Pine Needles Sercatep Pride (BS)
		Ch. Britmor Tagalong, CD (BS)
					Gough's Frosted Bonanza - ptd. (BS)
				Ch. Britmor Synnymeade Frost, CDX CG (BS)
					Britmor Sassafrost Teaberry, CDX (BS)
			Can. Ch. Britmor Moonlight Sonata (BS)
					Ch. Britmor Sunnymeade Frost, CDX, CG (BS)
				Can. Ch.Britmor Sunshine Serenade, CD (BS)
					Britmor What A Bo-Nanza - ptd. (BS)
	MACH Britmor Bewitched, CD JE, AMSC-VA, CGC - ptd. (SP) - Dam
					Gough's Frosted Bonanza - ptd. (BS)
				Ch. Britmor Sunnymeade Frost, CDX CG (BS)
					Britmor Sassafrost Teaberry, CDX (BS)
			Ch. Britmor Go For It, CD (SP)
					Ch. Seacrest Saga of Joybrook (SP)
				J.T. Crystal Elegance (SP)
					J.T. Sweet Violet (SP)
		Callery's Ms. Austen Bailey (SP)
					Ch. Gough's Ebony Royal Knight, CD (B)
				Gough's Ebony Lightning (B)
					Gough's Frosty of Rosharlee (BS)	
			Callery's Ms. Grendl (B)
					Ch. Zomerhof's Xerox Copy (SP)
				Emmy Lou Star (SP)
					Jackson's Prisila Star (SP)

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