Lori Bush artwork of Nick that she gave to Kay Finn

Nick in Chicago, looking very immature, when he won his first major at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club SpecialtyNick in Chicago when he won his first major at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club SpecialtyCH. BRITMOR NO NIC AT NORTHPOINT was a 14" Black and Silver who had two Group placements. "Nick" was elegance personified. He had excellent coloring, a lovely long, clean head with plenty of fill, a long neck, and a solid topline; he moved extremely well. He was Winners Dog at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club Spring Specialty in 1998, and finished his championship entirely from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class. Here is Nick's real story:


Nick had a beautiful headNick on the move from the rear.Once upon a time, I had an internet friend named Kay Finn. Kay was on the AOL Schnauzer BB, and she came to Schnauzer Chat every Monday night. She was spicey and funny, with an immense love for miniature schnauzers, and her greatest dream was to one day own her own showdog. Kay went to every dog show she could find, and went every year to watch the Montgomery County shows in Pennsylvania.

One year Kay went down to some shows in Texas to visit with some mutual friends, and while there she took ill and the discovery was made that she had bladder cancer. Upon returning home, Kay found a doctor who was willing to remove only the cancerous portion of her bladder, and she made up her mind that she absolutely *MUST* give up her cigarette smoking, which she had tried to do unsuccessfully once before.

As Kay and I chatted late one evening in the chat room, I offered her a puppy from my latest litter, her choice, although I planned to guide her if I felt she was picking the wrong puppy. The only stipulation was that she MUST give up smoking, and must stay off of the cigarettes for one full year, or she would lose the puppy. The deal was sealed, and when I went to the Chicago area for a show, she got to see those six puppies, and quickly decided that dark little Nicky was the dog for her. I was pleased, as that was the dog I wanted her to have.... and so little Britmor No Nic(otine) at Northpoint was soon named.

Nick and Kay Finn in Chicago.Nick continued to grow up with me so that I could show him, and Kay was there all grins in Chicago when Nick won his first major at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty a year later. The following June, Kay surprised me by flying in for our local TCMSC specialty, and so she was there when Nick won his second major that weekend. Sadly, that weekend was marred when Kay took ill, and then discovered that her bladder cancer had returned once again, and this time it returned with a vengeance. I finished Nick's championship that September, and as Kay struggled with her health (she had also been diagnosed with diabetes), three of us here who were friends with Kay, and part of a group that called themselves the "Minnesota Mafia", took a surprise trip to visit Kay in November with Nick and his first litter of puppies. What FUN we had surprising her, and she was so delighted to see Nick again and thoroughly enjoyed snuggling those puppies.

Kay's health continued to decline, and two of us decided to visit her one weekend in April, but we got a call that if we didn't come sooner, we might be too late. So two of the Minnesota Mafia hatched an elaborate plan to smuggle Nick into the hospice, with me sneaking him in under my arm up the back stairs while Shannon led point. Once again we were able to surprise Kay, who was very down as she had just given up her two dogs the day before. "I will never have another schnauzer," she cried, and I told her that was not true, as Nick was there lying next to her, and she would *always* own him. And so she does to this very day as the dog has always remained in her name; Kay Finn died a couple days later.

Nick ultimately went to live with a man who was on the heart-transplant list and who had just lost his schnauzer. Nick nursed Sam through his transplant, and then through his chemotherapy for bladder cancer. Sam continues to do well; I suspect that Kay Finn is watching over both of them.

Addendum: There is now a rather sad end to this tale. Sam died of a stroke in November 2009, and his wife decided that Nick was too much work, so Nick was returned to me early in July, 2010, at the age of 13, overweight and with vestibular syndrome. I will try to always remember how special this dog once was in the lives of a few people... especially during these early days when Nick is barking to go home, and my dogs are barking because he has invaded theirs.

Further: Nick was in a state of decline his last few months here, and he left us to be with Kay and Sam once again on Nov. 10, 2011, at the age of 14-1/2. We buried him on Veteran's Day, and I planted poppy seeds on his grave.


					Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sycamore's Sojourner (BS)
					Sycamore's Sassafrass, CD (SP)
			Ch. Sercatep's Nite Flite (BS)
					Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Proud (BS)
				Ch. Sercatep's Midnite Elegance (BS)
					Pine Needles Sercatep Pride (BS)
		Ch. Sercatep's Strut N Stuff (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Kat Burglar (SP)
				Ch. Rampage's Waco Kid (BS)
					Rampage's Expression (SP)
			Ch. Repitition's Twist of Fate (BS)
					Ch. Jadee's Jump Up (SP)
				Ch. Repitition's Sassafras (SP)
					Jobie (SP)
	Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS) - Sire			
					Ch. Irrenhaus Blueprint (SP)
				Ch. Rampage's Kat Burglar (SP)
					Ch. Repitition's Rampage Brand (SP)
			Ch. Ro-Sean's Stolen Jackpot (BS)
					Ch. Aljamar PM Lighting Bug (SP)
				Aljamar Fanny May (SP)
					Lady August (SP)
		Domino's Katie Did (BS)	
					Ch. Rampage's Express Mail (SP)
				Ch. Domino's Federal Express (SP)
					Domino's Fancy Pants (SP)
			Domino's Hilde (BS)
					Ch. Ro-Sean's Stolen Jackpot (BS)
				Domino's Black Lace (B)
					Amanda Black Abbe (B)	
                                        Margot's Just Right (BS)
				Ch. Margot's Sirius Warning (BS)
					Ch. Margot's Sophisticated Lady (SP)
			Ch. Arenglo Headlines at Margot (SP)
					Ch. Dimension's Over the Road (SP)
				Dawmar Else Arenglo Road Show, CD (SP)
					Hansenhaus Salute to Brandi (SP)
		Margot's Missile (BS)
					Ch. Irrenhaus Stand Out (SP)
				Margot's Power Play (SP)
					Margot's Sonneteer (SP)
			Ch. Margot's Silhouette (BS)
					Ch. Repitition's Rebel Warrior (SP)
				Ch. Margot's Sophisticated Lady (SP)
					Margot's Classi Chassi (SP)
	Britmor Live It Up (BS) - Dam
					Ch. Sercatep's Nite Flite (BS)
				Ch. Britmor Tagalong, CD (BS)
					Can. Ch. Britmor Moonlight Sonata (BS)
			Britmor Hit and Run (BS)
                                   	Ch. Suelen's I'm Sno Saint (BS)
				Narnian Fancy (BS)
					Ch. Suelen Fannie Brr Ice (BS)
		Britmor Smash Hit (BS) 						
					Ch. Britmor Tagalong, CD (BS)
				Britmor Shikari (BS)
					Britmor Anticipation (SP)
			Britmor the Bee Killer (BS)
                                   	Ch. Britmor Moondust (BS)
				Britmor Itza Pita (SP)
					Can. Ch. Britmor Phoenix (SP)

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