Am/Can. Ch. Britmor Go For It,  CD

GOFER was a 14" Salt and Pepper who was without a doubt one of the best dogs I've ever owned. He finished all of his titles easily, and had several Group 2nds in the conformation ring. As one judge said, "He sure can pick them up and lay them down"; everyone LOVED how this dog moved.

When Sunny felt it was time to surrender the reins of dog leadership in the house, Gofer was the dog who stepped in, and he led the pack for many, many years in a fair and benevolent fashion; he taught me *MANY* things about being a pack leader that the books never mentioned. Back in the 80's we were told that we should *never* interfer in dog interaction within the pack, but the day I saw Gofer step between two dogs challenging each other to "knock the chip off my shoulder; I dare you!", and basically tell them to knock it off and behave or he would bring death and destruction down upon their heads, was the day I realized that all the "experts" were wrong about that.

Gofer was not only a wonderful schnauzer, he was a wonderful dog, and he had a great impact on all of us here. (Where would Katie be today if there had never been a Witch?) You too are truly missed here, Goof!


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