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Ch. Manit's DR Robotnik

Doc-Rico came from Manuel Itriago (Manit Schnauzers) with the understanding that he would be shown.... and he was briefly, finishing his Championship owner/handled in five weekends with three majors.

Daughter Katie took over from there, and she has been putting several agility titles and a Coursing Ability title (plus four legs toward his Coursing Ability Advanced title) on this character.... a dog who has yet to see a performance event that he doesn't like. He is game for anything so far, and he participates with enthusiasm. He has qualified for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 CPE Agility Nationals, and on May 24, 2015, he earned his first CPE agility championship title.


Doc-Rico's favorite sport now seems to be anything related to rats, and he now has his Novice Barn Hunt title (RATN), which he earned in three tests over two days, all with times well under a minute, and with class placements, one of which was a 1st place. This dog is nuts for those rats! On Apr. 19, 2015, Doc-Rico earned his Open Barn Hunt title (RATO), and his Senior Barn Hunt title RATS) was earned on Sept. 26, 1915! Doc-Rico now has his Master Barn Hunt title, and is closing in on his Barn Hunt Championship. More to come for sure! Yep... On Oct. 8, 2016, Doc-Rico completed his barn hunt championship title.... RATCH!!!


		    			Ch. Rampage's Express Mail (SP)
				Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)	
				    	Rampage Positive Attitude (BS)
			Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone (SP)
				    	Ch. Jerry-O's Sharpshooter O'Daree (SP)
				Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice (SP)	
				    	Ch. Repitition's PB Production (BS)		
		Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man (B)	
				    	Ch. Always A Bandsman (SP)
				Ch. Bandsman's High Spirits (SP)
				    	Ch. Bandsman They Broke the Mold (SP)
			Ch. Wards Creek's Put'n On The Ritz (B)	
		    			Ch. Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway (SP)		
				Wards Creek's Highway Hooker (B)	
		    			 Blythewood Dark Secret (B)		
	Ch. Tex Star Black Cosmic Astro (B) - Sire
		    			Ch. Wards Creek's Blackjack (B)
				Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice (BS)
		    			Ch. Wards Creek's Taste of Cinnamon (SP)	
	       		Attaway Jackpot (BS)	
		    			Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone (SP)		
				Ch. Bojangles Alpha Chic (SP)
		    			Ch. Bojangles Dixie Chic (SP)			
		Ch. Dreams Forever Lone Star (B)
		    			 Ch. Atreides Strydor Jo-Di Belgar (BS)			
				Ch. Blythewood Piano Man (BS) 
		     			Blythewood Enchanted Evening (SP)		
	        		Ch. Blythewood Let Freedom Ring (B)	
		     			Ch. Wards Creek's Attaway (B)
				Blythewood Angel of the Night (B)
					Blythewood Bewitching Shadow (B)		
					Ch. Jerry O's Secret Agent (SP)
				Am. Jap. Int. Ch. Regency's Double Agent (SP)								
					Ch. Regency's Sweet N'Sassy (SP)
			Ch. Regency's Twist of Fate (SP)
					Ch. Daree's Simply Striking (SP)						
				Ch. Daree Strike A Poise (SP)
					Parmelee's Shooting Cinder (SP)
		Ch. Repitition's Cliffhanger (BS)
					Ch Adamis Cocksure (SP)				
				Ch. Adamis Shaft (SP)
					Ch. Adamis Honeydripper (SP)	
			Ch. Miller's Striptease (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Repitition's Emissary (BS)
					Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice (SP)
	Manit's Cocol Cocoletta (BS) - Dam
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's Fortune Seeker II (SP)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Scrumptous (SP)
			Ch. Ruedesheim's Billionaire (SP)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Stunning (SP)
					Ch. Bark's My Fair Lady (SP)
		BIS Ven. Int. Ch. Ruedesheim's Farfallina (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Regency's Absolut (SP)
					Blythewood Trick Or Treat (SP)
			Ruedesheim's Pantomine (BS)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Radiant (BS)
					Ch. Bark's My Fair Lady (SP)					 

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