by Karen Brittan

These webpages were established for the purpose of education, as I believe it is every breeder’s responsibility to pass along what he/she has learned over the years. This has proven to be the most efficient way for me to pass along my information to the masses of people who have had difficulty finding answers to their questions elsewhere.

I am proud of our dogs, what I have bred, and what my daughter and I have achieved with them. These pages have been a way for me to express that pride.

My web pages have also been an outlet for my artistic abilities, and I spent weeks and, in some cases, months honing those skills making schnauzer animations to decorate my various pages. I am flattered that many of you think enough of my talents to “borrow” my animations for use on your own webpages, but I made those animations in order to make my own pages unique and more interesting, and I never intended for their use to be anything other than decoration for my own pages.

Consequently, when I do find my animations (or any of my work) in use on another’s website, I ask for their removal. I do realize that some of you may have acquired them through other sources, but they are still my original artwork, and, rest assured, I will be requesting their removal, no matter how they were acquired!

Some people have been difficult about this, and in some cases even going so far as to send me threatening emails. This will NOT be tolerated, and, in fact, is what finally triggered me to write this.

As an author, an animator, and a photographer, I have rights which were clearly set forth by the Berne Convention in 1971. For those of you who need it spelled out in a simpler fashion, read "10 Copyright Myths".

If one sees a schnauzer animation on the web that he wants to use, he should first check my two sites, this one and the TCMSC one, to be sure that it is not one of my animations that someone else has stolen. If he doesn’t, he risks having his server shut down his website, as any copyright infraction of any of my work will be reported to them. If I cannot reach a server, I will give the person two chances to remove my artwork. Failure to comply will result in his name being added to a list here, indicating that he has been asked to removed my copyrighted work, but that he has failed to do so. Names will be deleted after I receive email stating that my work has been removed.

One pair of Buttheads actually decided to be the FIRST on my

Paul Ouellette, Central Mortgage Associates, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Andy Arcand, A'Plus Web-Design


And here are more:
Norman and Melva Shatto, WeBe Schnauzers
Janice Edwards, Music Makers Schnauzers
Susan Jordan, Dream Maker's Puppies
Please be sure to read the part of my webpage on Breeders and Breeding!

***The following lovely woman deserves special mention because she had the audacity to call ME a thief (among a few other choice words) , saying that I had copied HER grooming pages. Frankly, if I had discovered her site early on, I would have raised one helluva stink, but since the discovery was more recent (and after many changes on her part), I chose to ignore it.... until now. Push my buttons and I don't get mad... I get even, Diane Ykelenstam of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Please note that my initial grooming page is shown as being published on the internet on Dec. 2, 1998, (although it was in print long before that since I have been teaching grooming classes for many years now, and I think it was up on the 'net before then due to the copyright dates on the bottom of that page).*/ while Diane Ykelenstam's first grooming page is shown to have been put up on July 11, 2003, {C}*/ Anyone interested is welcome to check out those two first pages, *COMPARE THEM*, and see who is telling the truth. Don't EVER call me a liar without proof to back it up, Diane. Talk about suing? Maybe I should do just that, Diane!

Then there is Susan Jordan, DreamMaker Puppies, who thought my animations, which I worked so hard making, were free for her taking. I have asked her repeatedly to remove my animations from her webpage, but she still refuses. Beware buying puppies from a thief!!!!

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