A Few Words About Breeding and Breeders....
by Karen Brittan

A good breeder cares about the Miniature Schnauzer, its future, preserving it, improving it. This means he does his best to breed healthy dogs, checking eyes yearly on breeding stock and puppies at eight weeks of age, doing tests for those other hereditary diseases for which there are tests, and retiring from breeding those dogs which have health problems (ie. allergies), or in some instances, are known to produce health problems. He breeds the best and places the rest in loving pet homes on spay/neuter contracts so that their faults are not reproduced.

A good breeder, in his quest to preserve and improve the Miniature Schnauzer, breeds toward a Breed Standard as he tries to breed that "perfect" dog dreamed of so long ago by the originators of this breed... ideal structure, size, color, temperament, attitude, health, longevity. These are the attributes that make a Miniature Schnauzer unique among other breeds... the breed that we call a Miniature Schnauzer.

Conversely, breeding "funky" colors or the so-called "toys, micros", etc. indicates those breeders' misrepresentation and great disdain for the essence of what *is* the Miniature Schnauzer and where the breed is going in the future. It is thumbing a nose at the initial hard work of those early breeders who "had a dream" and a plan toward which to breed for the future. The Breed Standard has been adjusted over the years to help breeders meet those early goals when they proved difficult to attain otherwise (ie. difficulty in producing smaller dogs with sufficient bone and substance). When a breeder states that his undersized "schnauzers" must be fed three or four times a day in order to prevent hypoglycemic problems, THESE ARE NOT NORMAL, HEALTHY DOGS! A dog should do very well being fed a quality diet only once or twice a day.

The Internet is a great source of information. It is also a source of a great deal of misleading and FALSE information. Many so-called breeders have fancy, glitzy websites to help push their puppies. Many are full of false information or use religion to help push their puppies. Many of their dogs are horribly groomed... anyone who breeds dogs should at least know how that breed should look! Schnauzers should not have poofy hair on the front of their chests or cocker spaniel skirts! They should not have their muzzles shaved down or the hair scooped out from under their eyes! The irony of one breeder's website with stolen grooming information (I wonder whose?), yet whose own dogs are horrendously groomed, speaks volumes to that person's integrity and knowledge about the breed.

BUYER BEWARE! Dishonesty is dishonesty! These people are breeding only because they want your money, not because they care about the breed. Shop with your head, not your heart.


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