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Can. Ch. Britmor I'm So Blue, Am/Can. CD

BLUE was a 13-3/4" Salt and Pepper who was a fun dog to have around. He loved to retrieve, was easy to work with, and became teenage daughter Katie's second obedience dog after her trials and tribulations with way-too-dominant Sara who pretty much tromped all over Katie. Blue proved to be exactly the dog she needed, as he finished both his Companion Dog titles easily with Katie at the helm, and they both had a lot of fun doing it. We still talk about the trial when they were heeling along and Blue in his exhuberance leaped up and looked like he nipped Katie in the butt! (Katie claims he didn't...) LOL! And somewhere we have that on videotape. Yep, Blue really knew how to have a fun time!

						Eng.Ch. Rownham's Batman
					Can. Ch. Eastwight's Sea Voyager, CD (BS)
						Eng. Ch. Eastwight's Sea Enchantress
				Am/Can. Ch. Sylva Sprite Snowy Mittens, ROM (BS)
						Can. Ch. Walsh's Frosty Charmer, Can. CD (BS)
					Sylva Sprite Ceratina (BS)
						Walsh's Frosted Cookie (BS)
			Gough's Frosted Bonanza (BS)
						Gough's Ebony Royal Guardsman (B)
					Gough's Ebony Knight Longleat, CD (B)
						Sylva Sprite Megan of Longleat (BS)
				Gough's Frosty Starlite (BS)
						Wynncliff Cashari Chant (BS)
					Gough's Ebony Royal Wassail (B)
						Gough's Ebony Guardian Angel (B)
		Am/Can. Ch. Britmor Sunnymeade Frost, Am/Can. CDX, CG (BS) - Sire
						Can. Ch. Winsor's Johann B (B)
					Can. Ch. Winsor's Jon Martinique (B)
						Ch. Winsor's Boutique of LaMay (SP)
				Woodhaven's Black Jason (B)
						Am/Can. Ch. Gough's Silver Franchise, CD (SP)
					Gough's Ebony Echo (B)
						Wynncliff Blacque Bianca (B)
			Britmor Sassafrost Teaberry, CDX, Can. CD (BS)
						Ch. Bovie of Mary-O (SP)
					Gordolyn's Maximillan of Huck (SP)
						Huck's Tina of Mary-O (SP)
				Hi Ya Gret, Am/Can. CDX (BS)
						Ch. Blythewood Grand March (SP)
					J G's Heidi of York (SP)
						Katinka of Baden (SP)
CAN. CH. BRITMOR I'M SO BLUE, AM/CAN. CD (SP) 3/23/86-4/25/99
						Ch. JayDee's Sky Rocket (SP)
					Ch. Sky Rocket's First Stage (SP)
						Miss Little Guys (SP)
				Ch. Sky Rocket's Uproar (SP)
						Ch. Wid's von Kipper, CDX (SP)
					Tessie Tigerlily (SP)
						Martin's Countess Von Heidi (SP)
			Ch. Jankell's Flash of Pride  (SP)
						Ch. Helarry's Danny Boy (SP)
					Ch. Helarry's Colonel Dan (SP)
						Delsey's Sweet Heidi (SP)
				Jankell's Dankin (SP)
						Ch. Donjoy's Er-lee Riser (SP)
					Captain's Captivating Jill (SP)
						Terry X (SP)
		Jankell's Stormy Tymes (SP) - Dam
						Ch. Sky Rocket's First Stage (SP)
					Ch. Sky Rocket's Uproar (SP)
						Tessie Tigerlily (SP)
				Ch. Jankell's Flash of Pride (SP)
						Ch. Helarry's Colonel Dan (SP)
					Jankell's Dankin (SP)
						Captain's Captivating Jill (SP)
			Jankell's Chantilly Lace (SP)
						Ch. Sky Rocket's Uproar (SP)
					Ch. Jankell's Flash of Pride (SP)
						Jankell's Dankin (SP)
				Jankell's Shelly Bean (SP)
						Jankell's Dandy Don (SP)
					Jankell's Soft Touch (SP)
						Ryway's Dark Delight (SP)

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