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Britmor Piranha Boy, CA.

Billy is a beautiful, pointed, 13-1/2" tall boy. He is sweet and cuddly, but totally fearless, and just has such a zest for life. I don't think he has ever meet a person he hasn't liked. He has been shown briefly in conformation, and will be shown again once he matures a bit more.

In the meantime, Billy has tried out lure coursing and thought it was a bit fun. On October 30, 2011, Billy went to his first Coursing Ability Tests which were put on by the Greater Twin Cities Afghan Hound Club, and missed getting a leg in his first test with a time of 2.0631 after getting a bit distracted during his run, and was over course time by a mere .0631 seconds. He had the hang of it by his second run, and qualified for his first leg with a time of 1.2163, running 8.2 YPS! Not bad for a dog who had a couple bobbles during his run.

Billy earned his second Coursing Ability Test leg on Mar. 31, 2012, and on May 5, 2013, he earned his third Coursing Ability leg, completing his CA title. Go, Billy!!!


Britmor Piranha Boy pictured at 16 months experiencing his first lure-course.

					Am,Int,Ger,VDH,SweCh,Klubsieger,Aust.Bundessieger Enjoy's Midnight Welcome Matt (B)
				VDHCH,Dnk CH Barba Nigra Joy of Matt Junior (B)
					Barba Nigra Heaven Can Wait			
			DtCH,VDHCH Lagerfeld von der Konigssaule (B)
					Enjoy's No Fear
				Int Ch. Barba Nigra Indira Ghandi (B)
					Barba Nigra Quita's Black Baby  (B)
		O'Journey von der Konigssaule (B) - ptd.
					Thankyou van de Havenstad (B)
				Am,Int,Ger,VDH,SweCh,Klubsieger,Aust. Bundessieger Enjoy's Midnight Welcome Matt (B)
					Northstar Enjoy's That Girl
			Dt, Int, DK, Swe, VDH CH Heaviness von der Konigssaule (B)
					18 BIS, Worldwinner, Euro Ch, Multi Ch Standing van de Havenstad (B)	
				Kbsg, DtCH Dudu-Patschke v. d. Konigssaule (B)	
					Belli vom Wasserturm
	Britmor What A Trip  (Tripper) (B) - Sire
					Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS) - ptd.
				Britmor Fly Boy, ME RA MX MXJ CGC (SP) - ptd.	
					MACH Britmor Bewitched, CD JE, AMSC-VA, CGC(SP) - ptd. 
			Britmor Fly in My Soup (Souper) (BS)
					Britmor Peacemaker (BS)	
				Britmor Molly Molasses (BS)
					Britmor Devil's Daughter (BS)
		Britmor Mandelsuppe (Mia) (BS)										
					Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS) - ptd.
				Ch. Britmor No Nic at NorthPoint (BS)
					Britmor Live It Up (BS)
			Britmor In Your Face (BS)
					Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS) - ptd.
				Britmor Night Wind (BS)
					Britmor Evening Breeze (BS) - ptd.
					Ch. Jerry O's Secret Agent (SP)
				Am. Jap. Int. Ch. Regency's Double Agent (SP)								
			         	Ch. Regency's Sweet N'Sassy (SP)
			Ch. Regency's Twist of Fate (SP)
					Ch. Daree's Simply Striking (SP)						
				Ch. Daree Strike A Poise (SP)
					Parmelee's Shooting Cinder (SP)
		Ch. Repitition's Cliffhanger (BS)
					Ch Adamis Cocksure (SP)				
				Ch. Adamis Shaft (SP)
					Ch. Adamis Honeydripper (SP)	
			Ch. Miller's Striptease (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Repitition's Emissary (BS)
					Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice (SP)
	Manit's Gracias To Britmor (Glory) (BS) - Dam
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's Fortune Seeker II (SP)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Scrumptous (SP)
			Ch. Ruedesheim's Billionaire (SP)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Stunning (SP)
					Ch. Bark's My Fair Lady (SP)
		BIS Ven. Int. Ch. Ruedesheim's Farfallina (BS)
					Ch. Rampage's Representative (SP)
				Ch. Regency's Absolut (SP)
					Blythewood Trick Or Treat (SP)
			Ruedesheim's Pantomine (BS)
					Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus (SP)
				Ch. Ruedesheim's I'm Radiant (BS)
					Ch. Bark's My Fair Lady (SP)					 

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