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Witch finished her MACH title in January, 2005, at the age of 12 years, 11 months, 7 days!

The Victory Run: New MACH Britmor Bewitched, CD JE, and handler Katie Brittan took their victory lap around the ring!!!!! Katie and Witch were BOTH smiling!Britmor Schnauzers are located in Minnesota, among the oaks and pines and wetlands of the countryside. Wildlife abounds, to the great enjoyment of all the dogs, who spend much of their time chasing and digging, trying to catch some of their furry and feathered neighbors.... and they often succeed! This was the home of Witch, the oldest Miniature Schnauzer to earn her Master Agility Championship title, and her son, Peter, the second Miniature Schnauzer in the country to achieve his Master Earthdog title!

We specialize in quality black and black-and-silver Miniature Schnauzers, with emphasis on sound dogs with obedience, agility, and hunting aptitudes, and temperaments that are easy to live with.

Hoover and Nick strutting their stuff.

Our dogs, incidentally, also prove their worth in the conformation ring on occasion.

One of the most special of dogs.Our oldest competitor received her last title in agility at the tender age of thirteen before retiring! Witch did not go willingly, nor quietly into the night; and when it was her time to leave us, she waited until Katie returned from her agility trial before saying goodbye and leaving on her final run Home. There will never be another quite like her.

What's this? Got legs? Can you remember an agility course?

So what's new here? Witch was the first to put her stamp of approval on the new grandson! Guess he's a keeper.... Welcome to the world, Brandon!

Brandon will have someone to fight with now! Meet Dillon!

Brandon is almost a teenager now, but I so love that photo of him and Witch! The REALLY latest news is that Brandon now has a brother.... Dillon Jacob joined us on Jan. 16, 2007!

Okay, you've proven you can run, Brandon, but can you go the distance and keep up?

View photos and pedigrees of some of our favorite dogs.

MACH, VERSATILITY-NATCH, C-ATCH2 Britmor Let the Dirt Fly, RN OF (Terra) was #1 Miniature Schnauzer in NADAC's Weavers, #2 in Regular, #2 (tied) in Touch N Go, #5 in Chances, and #6 (tied) in Tunnelers for 2008. Terra completed her NATCH title on 9/16/07, her C-ATCH title on 12/1/07, her VERSATILITY-NATCH title on 5/17/08, her C-ATCH2 title on 10/5/08, and her MACH title on 12/6/08! On 4/19/09, Terra finished her NATCH Elite Triple Superior Award, Elite Superior Versatility Award, Triple, Triple Superior Award, and Triple Superior Versatility Award.

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A word about breeding and breeders.....

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Here is some reading material that I recommend.

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Photography is a favorite hobby of mine.

"Do You Know the Real PETA and Humane Society of the United States?"
an editorial by Alice Fix. If you love your pet, this editorial is a MUST READ for everyone! Please check out the links within her article also for more information on the "hijacking of the humane movement".

What insane animal legislation is going on in YOUR part of the world? Read the "Monthly National Legislation Report".

"The Right to Breed", an article by Catherine McMillan, Minuteman Schnauzers.

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Caution! Be aware that having a well-written and possibly appealing web site in no way guarantees the quality of the dogs a person might have for sale. There are instances of both puppy mills and unethical, unknowledgeable breeders with, in some cases, award-winning web sites on the Internet. They may even use a Christian theme to hook trusting people. Watch to see how often they are having puppies. Beware the "high-volume" breeder! Reputable breeders usually only have one-two litters a year, not 3-5 litters in a two-week period. (HOW COULD ANYONE MAKE A BITCH HAVE A LITTER FOR THE FIFTH TIME IN A ROW?! Or breed a *puppy* bitch that is barely six-months-old?! That isn't someone's beloved family pet; that is a puppy factory.) Unfortunately, it is up to you, the buyer, to sort through these "ads" just as you would have to if you were seeking a dog through the newspaper. Remember, AKC-registered in no way guarantees quality, and a good breeder never has to advertise his puppies because he usually has a waiting list before dogs are even bred, and sales are often the result of "word-of-mouth" advertising. And a good breeder would *never* have his puppies sold through a petstore; those puppies ALL come from high-volume puppymills, usually in the Midwest.

Quality puppies come from quality breeders It really makes no difference *where* a breeder advertises his dogs, be it through Schnauzer Shorts, a national magazine, or the Internet, as long as the potential buyers are well-screened. What is important is the dogs themselves and *how* the dogs are advertised. Are these quality dogs who have proven their worth in the breed and/or performance rings? Are they generally bred no more than once a year or are they used to crank out puppies? What sort of thought and preparations went into the breeding of those dogs? Does the breeder stand behind his/her dogs and is he/she available to answer any questions if help is needed? Are people given the sales pitch to "sign up for theirs now while there is still a chance for one" or "there is ONLY one left!"? "Get yours now before they are all gone!" is not the way a reputable breeder would advertise his dogs. And certainly any page saying, "We take Visa or PayPal!" should make a potential buyer run down the cyber highway immediately. Does the "reputable breeder" have a simple statement on his page as to what dogs were bred or does he have "ads" on every bulletin board he can find on the 'net so that he can push his puppies? Is there *original* educational material on the web site, indicating this breeder's knowledge and experience with the breed, or has it been copied from elsewhere or only have links to further information? Is there evidence that this person belongs to various breed and/or kennel clubs, indicating his interest in the advancement of the breed? Does the breeder breed according to the breed standard of his country? Or is his/her site pushing "funky colors" and unhealthy sizes? And after all of this, ask for references.... not from the breeder on the web site, but from other well-known breeders on the 'net or other breeders in that person's area.

Quality puppies come from quality breeders Anyone looking to purchase a "registered" dog should be aware that the only legitimate registry in the U.S. (recognized by foreign registries) is the American Kennel Club. Most of the puppymillers are now registering their puppies with the Continental Kennel Club or the American Purebred Registry to get around AKC's DNA requirement for frequently used (breeding) dogs. If one goes to purchase a puppy, ASK what registry it is registered with. If the response is CKC, APR, APRI, or one of the many other pseudo registries, RUN the other way! (unless one lives in Canada... the Canadian Kennel Club is a most respectable registry). If one buys one of these pseudo-registered dogs, it is NOT a breed-worthy dog; it should be spayed/neutered ASAP. And be aware that the roots of this dog go back to a PUPPYMILL!

Please exercise extreme care as you travel the rocky road of the Internet Cyber Highway!

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